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Working in a team? Solo designer? We’ve got you covered. Choose a subscription to get all collaborative features, along with a 30-day free trial — no credit card needed. Or, buy a yearly license if you work alone and only need the Mac app.


Save $24 with yearly billing

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    Why should I get a yearly subscription?

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      Well, it makes sense if you need to save a bit of $$$. A monthly subscription costs $12 a month — but a yearly subscription for $120 is less, at just $10 a month.

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      Oh, right - which means…

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      Yup, yearly is $2 cheaper per month — so over 12 months = $24 saved.

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      I’m from the UK. How many teabags is that?

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      Exactly 12,852.06 teabags.

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      Ah nice - thanks! 👍

    Solo designers Small teams

    Standard subscription


    Monthly / per Editor, billed yearly

    Or $12 monthly / per Editor, billed monthly

    Native Mac app

    • Design, prototype and illustrate
    • Work privately, offline
    • Collaborate in real-time

    Web app for any browser

    • Unlimited free Viewers
    • Inspect designs, test prototypes and handoff to developers
    • Comment and discuss on the Canvas

    Preview on your iPhone or iPad

    • View documents and play prototypes
    • Mirror designs from your Mac
    Start free 30-day trial

    No credit card required for trial

    Solo designers

    Mac-only license


    Per Seat

    Includes 1 year of updates

    • Native mac app
    • Design, prototype and illustrate
    • Work privately, offline
    • Save documents locally
    • Yours to keep, forever

    License excludes:

    • Collaborative features
    • Access to the web app
    • Sharing and saving documents online
    • Unlimited free Viewers
    • Free trial
    Buy now

    Activated with a license key

    Medium-sized teams Large organizations

    Business subscription


    Monthly / per Editor, billed yearly

    Available with yearly billing only

    Get in touch

    Includes all features from the Standard subscription, plus extras for larger teams:

    • Single Sign-On (SSO)
    • Unlimited versions and online storage
    • Invoice-based billing
    • Powerful permissions directory

    Have over 25 Editors in your team? We’ll also throw in priority support, a dedicated customer success manager, as well as customized reviews and terms.

    Get in touch

    You’ll need macOS to create and edit documents.

    Prices are in USD and may be subject to taxes.*

    Compare plans Standard subscription $10 Start free 30-day trial Mac-only license $120 Buy now

    Compare plans

    Compare plans
    Standard Mac-only
    Compare plans Standard subscription $10 Monthly / per Editor, billed yearly Start free 30-day trial Mac-only license $120 Per Seat Buy now

    Compare plans

    Compare plans
    Standard Mac-only


    Native macOS app
    Work privately offline
    Smart Layout in Groups
    Color Variables
    Symbols and overrides
    Plugins and extensions
    Scalable design systems
    Export to multiple formats
    Create component Libraries


    Collaborate in real-time
    Shared online Workspace
    Comment on designs online
    Flexible document sharing and permissions
    View designs online anywhere
    Free guest Editors


    Create prototypes
    Link from any pages in a document
    Add overlays
    Create interactions and hotspots
    Easy page transitions
    Add multiple start points
    Share any prototype with a link


    Inspect designs
    Measure between layers
    Copy attributes
    Export color tokens
    Download production-ready assets


    View documents on iOS devices
    Play prototypes on your iPhone and iPad
    Mirror designs from your Mac


    Unlimited free Viewers
    Create private projects
    View older document versions
    Create document collections
    Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)
    App updates 1 Year
    Automatic renewal

    Common questions


    • Why is there no free plan?

      With our Standard and Business plans, you can invite unlimited Viewers to your Workspace for free. Viewers can browse and comment on designs in their web browser, and even inspect files and download assets for developer handoff.

      Beyond free Viewers, and besides our Education offer, we have no plans to offer an entirely free tier.

      We want to operate in a way that’s sustainable. Our business model is simple — we sell our product at a fair price — and we’ve been profitable since day one. We believe this commitment to long-term sustainability is a responsibility to our customers, who can trust that we’ll continue to be here and support their work, as we have for more than 10 years.

      Offering a free tier inevitably leads to unpaid costs (free tiers still require storage, bandwidth, support and more). As a result, most products with a free tier will gradually remove features or apply limitations in an effort to force customers to move to a paid tier. That doesn’t feel right to us.

      Our focus is on adding value to our product with consistent improvements and new features, not finding ways to remove it for customers who we’ve enticed with a free tier.

      We’re committed to helping students, teachers, and academic institutions with our Education offer – students and teachers are entitled to a Workspace with 1 Editor seat, and institutions are entitled to a Workspace with multiple seats – depending on requirements.

      You can find out more and request your own on our Sketch for Education page.

      Read more about our history and values

    • Is Sketch only available as a subscription?

      No. You can still get a Mac-only license for $120 yearly if you don’t need the web app and only want to use the Mac app to design. However, you’d need to save all your work locally and would miss out on loads of handy collaborative features.

      Get a license

      A subscription on a yearly plan gets you a whole lot more for the same price: real-time collaboration in the Mac app, commenting, handoff, and a shared Workspace to bring all your people and documents together. That’s because we’ve evolved Sketch to be more than the Mac app. It’s now a complete platform for design and collaboration, combining the best native Mac editor with tools that work in any web browser.

    • Can I get a Mac-only license?

      Absolutely! If you don’t need the web app and only want to design with the Mac app, you can still get a Mac-only license for $120 yearly.

      Get a license

      Keep in mind that you’d need to save all your work locally. You’d also miss out on loads of handy collaborative features that you’d get at the same price of a yearly subscription, such as real-time collaboration in the Mac app, commenting, handoff in the web app, and a shared Workspace to bring all your people and documents together.

    • What do I get with a Mac-only license?

      A Mac-only license gives you access to the Mac app for a whole year, which includes all software updates — but excludes certain collaborative tools and an online Workspace, so you’d need to save your documents locally.

      A subscription on a yearly plan gets you a whole lot more for the same price: real-time collaboration in the Mac app, commenting, handoff, and a shared Workspace to bring all your people and documents together.

      That said, if you work solo and prefer to save your documents locally, then a Mac-only license could be for you!

      Get a license

      If you get a license, we’ll send you a license key that you’ll use to register the Mac app when you launch it for the first time.

      Bear in mind that once your license expires you can either renew it or keep using the Mac app for as long as you like, but you’ll no longer receive new software updates.

    • I have a license. Can I switch to a subscription?

      Yes, you can start a new trial for free or add a credit card to an existing Sketch Account.

      Go to Switch to a subscription to find out more.

    • Can I switch from a subscription to a Mac-only license?

      Yes, you can switch from a subscription to a Mac-only license once you’ve reached the end of your current billing cycle.

      To make the switch to a license, get in touch using our contact form, select Sales and renewals as a topic — and we’ll set you up.

    • Do I need a Sketch subscription and a license key?

      Every Sketch subscription includes access to the Mac app, so you don’t need to purchase both a license and a subscription.

      If your Mac-only license key is up for renewal, you may want to consider switching to a subscription instead.

    • Do you offer any discounts for NPOs?

      We certainly do! If your organization qualifies, you can get 50% off the price of an annual subscription. Please get in touch to tell us a little about your organization and we’ll be happy to help.

    • How to get the Education version for free?

      If you’re a student or teacher, you can use Sketch for free for as long as it’s part of your studies or the course you’re teaching. Similarly, if you represent an educational institution, you can freely offer Sketch to your students as part of your syllabus.

      You can find out more and request your own on our Sketch for Education page.

    • I want to become a Sketch Partner. Is that an option?

      Yes! If your company would like to become an official Partner of Sketch, we’d love to hear from you. You can send an enquiry email to and we’ll get back to you with all the details of our Partner’s Program.

    • Which payment methods do you accept?

      For our Standard plan and licenses, we currently accept payment by credit or debit card only. Payments for our Standard plan are securely processed by Stripe. Sketch license payments are managed by FastSpring.

      If you’re interested in our Business plan and need more flexibility in payment methods or terms, please contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your options.

    • How can I get a quote or purchase order?

      Please contact us and we’ll be happy to help you out.

      For paid invoices, you can find these in your Workspace settings at any time. Learn more


    • What are the differences between Viewers, Editors and Admins?

      Viewers can use the web app on any computer to view, inspect, and comment on documents and Libraries, download assets, and play prototypes. This role is ideal for people such as project managers, developers and other stakeholders who don’t need to create and edit documents.

      Editors can do everything Viewers can, as well as use the Mac app to create, edit, and save documents, prototypes, and Libraries. They also get a private Drafts folder for their work.

      Admins can manage Workspaces and change members’ roles at any time. Both Viewers and Editors can be Admins.

      Note: a Workspace must have at least one Editor at all times.

    • What are Guests? Do I need to pay for them?

      Guests are people who are invited to specific documents in your Workspace. They’re not members of your Workspace, so they won’t be able to see every project, document or Library.

      Any Workspace member can invite Guests to a document via Document Settings > Sharing in the web app, and can give each Guest permissions to either view, inspect, or edit that document.

      Guests are free. Admins can view and remove Guests through Workspace Settings at any time.

      Please note: Giving a Guest edit permissions doesn’t make them an Editor — they must be an Editor in another Workspace or have a valid license to use the Mac app to edit documents.

    • Can Editors use the Mac app on more than one device?

      Each Editor in a Workspace can use their own Sketch Account to log in to the Mac app on any device they own.

      Sharing Sketch Accounts between two or more people is a violation of our Terms of Service and may result in us suspending your account and terminating your service.

      With a Mac-only license key, you will need to buy extra seats for additional devices.

    • Is my data secure and private?

      We take data security very seriously

      We use data encryption in transit and at rest, and all Workspace data is stored securely with Amazon Web Services in the United States. Our servers reside in a monitored and audited cloud, which is access-controlled to only allow a handful of authorized individuals to access data — and only to maintain and improve our services.

      Read more in our Security Overview and other Terms & Policies.

      We care deeply about privacy

      We believe collaboration should not compromise your privacy. We don’t store data about what you do in your designs, so your managers can’t pull up a report that shows how long you’ve been working, for example. Some products consider tracking like this a feature. We consider its absence a feature.

      Editors decide when they’re ready to share work, as they can store documents locally on their Mac, privately in their My Drafts folder, or in the shared Workspace. If an Editor leaves the Workspace, the system automatically deletes the contents of their My Drafts folder.

      Read more in our Privacy Statement and other Terms & Policies.

    • Do I need a Mac to use Sketch?

      If you want to create and edit Sketch documents, you’ll need a Mac running macOS Monterey (12.0.0) or newer.

      However, if you want to view prototypes or documents, or inspect designs for developer handoff, you can do this on any operating system and in any web browser.

    Billing and Management

    • Where can I get an invoice?

      You can view and download invoices in the web app, under Workspace Settings > Billing:

      1. Log in to the web app and navigate to your Workspace
      2. Select Workspace Settings at the bottom of the sidebar
      3. Select Billing in the navigation menu
      4. You’ll find your invoices under Billing History

      Only Workspace administrators can see and access the Billing page.

      If you purchased your subscription from the Mac App Store, you can find details on how to access your purchase history for the App Store on Apple Support.

    • How can I change or cancel my subscription?

      Changing your subscription

      To switch from monthly to yearly billing, head to Settings > Billing in the web app. If you wish to go back to monthly billing, please contact our customer support team before your renewal date.

      If you purchased a subscription in the Mac App Store, you can change your subscription directly in the Mac App Store on your device. For more information, visit Apple Support.

      Cancelling your subscription

      You can cancel your subscription at any time from your Workspace Settings.

      If you cancel your subscription, you’ll continue to have uninterrupted access to the products and services that you’ve paid for until the end of your current billing cycle.

      For yearly subscriptions, you can contact us for a refund if you cancelled within 30 days after payment.

      We’ll always send a reminder email to the Billing Contact address before your yearly subscription renews, so you’re never surprised by an unexpected payment.

      For purchases in Sketch from the Mac App Store, you can cancel a subscription directly in the Mac App Store on your device. For more information, visit Apple Support.

    • Can I switch from a monthly to a yearly subscription?

      Yes. You can switch your subscription through the Billing section in the web app. We apply a $24 discount for every Editor seat with the yearly plan.

      Manage billing

      If you are using a subscription purchased from the Mac App Store, you can change your subscription directly in the Mac App Store on your device. For more information, visit Apple Support.

    • How does adding or removing Editors affect my bill?

      When you make changes to Workspace members and roles, we’ll always tell you if and how it affects your bill, and ask for your confirmation. If you’re on a yearly plan, we’ll email you before your subscription renews, so you can make changes or cancel altogether.

      Here’s how we calculate your bill:

      • The cost of your subscription is based on the number of Editor Seats in your Workspace.
      • Each Editor in your Workspace needs a seat, but you can also have unused seats.
      • When you remove or downgrade an Editor, this frees up a seat.
      • When you make someone an Editor, they take up a free seat.
      • If there are no free seats available, we’ll change you pro rata for a new seat.
      • You can remove empty seats, or purchase more, at any time.
      • Viewers in your workspace don’t count towards the cost of your subscription.

      Editor Seats give you more control and predictability with your billing, even if the number of Editors in your Workspace changes. If you have freelancers joining and leaving your team regularly, for example, keeping a number of empty seats in your Workspace for them means your bill won’t fluctuate. It’s very useful if you have a set annual budget.

      Read more about managing Workspace members

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    Start using Sketch today!

    Whether you’re new to Sketch or back to see what’s new, we’ll have you set up and ready to do your best work in minutes.

    *The pricing displayed is for direct purchases made on Prices on other platforms may vary.